Despite the large numbers of students enrolling in IT courses and large numbers of young people entering workforces, competition for skilled and talented employees continues to increase.

There is a gap between the skills being developed in our local universities, and the specific skills and competencies that are required in the job market.

Given the rapid advancement and changes in technology solutions students have often not been exposed to specializations demanded by the Industry.

THE RESULT: students find it increasingly difficult to be hired and Companies spend a significant amount of time and resources providing training both formal and on the job.

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Knowledge for Life is a program aimed at providing free training to University Students on various Partner courses that will enable them to understand the different service

Dimensions of Knowledge For Life!


1Knowledge 4 Life seeks to discover talent from Universities that is innovative, self motivated and flexible enough to undergo enhanced training at our Knowledge Transfer Center.



2Knowledge for life will transform this talent into the skill that is highly demanded by the IT industry. This transformation will be through advanced training, certification and mentorship. The students will then have the capability to craft their future career roadmaps in line with Industry needs.



3Knowledge for Life will then “unleash”  these students into the job market, where our Partners will take them for internship programmes and eventually offer them jobs in line with their career plans.


How to Join Us

4We carry out talks in Universities all year round and with the help of the faculty, shortlist students with the right attitude towards IT. They go through the program for 6 Saturdays learning what the IT industry can offer


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